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Bhagavan Shree Prasannaji

Nishane School of Spiritual Sciences is an NGO which is working relentlessly for uplifting the consciousness of an individual through the guidance of the enlightened master, Bhagavan Shree Prasannaji who is the FIRST and ONLY Spiritual Guru in the world to create over 6000 NEW AGE MEDITATIONS, also the Author of more than 60 Spiritual books and is recognized as One among the 100 Gurus of India. Know more...

Bhagavan Shree Prasannaji (A Secular Spiritual Leader) is completely dedicated to 
Inspire, Motivate and Educate people so as to create a Happy, Harmonious and Peaceful Society.

The knowledge imparted in the videos are bound to elevate the conscious level of the individual and energize the individual to breakfree the inhibitions and set a new dimension towards leading life by understanding the secret knowledge connected with the soul. Deeper understanding in regard with spirituality, meditations, working of the mind, ESPs, Metaphysics, Religion..and much more can be found in the videos. 


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